Let Your Lawyer And The Police Determine Fault


Washington is a rare state when it comes to car accidents and fault. It's a contributory fault state -- that in itself isn't rare -- but it allows you to claim exact recovery awards. In other words, you can claim some recovery even if you are mostly at fault. As long as the other person is even a tiny bit at fault, they would have to pay some of your costs.

But that means that everything you say and do after an accident can have a major effect on how your case turns out. If you do think you're at fault, that is not the time to start saying it is -- let your lawyer and the police come up with the amount.

Third-Party Evaluation

Sometimes it is obvious that one party is totally at fault. But other times, there are factors that you might not have noticed that could have contributed to the accident in a way that removes some of the fault from your shoulders. Maybe you were following too closely when the person in front of you slammed on their brakes. But maybe the person in front of you was under the influence of a drug or alcohol and slammed on the brake pedal because he or she thought it was the gas pedal.

In a case like that, you could argue that had the other driver been sober, the accident never would have happened because the driver would have stepped on the correct pedal. It's OK to discuss what happened with your lawyer while in a meeting that is protected by client-lawyer privacy rules. But never tell the other party's insurance company that you were probably following too closely. All questions should refer back to your lawyer, insurance company, and the police report.

Those third parties are not emotionally involved in the accident. Your lawyer wants to help you, of course, but even he or she is detached from the raw feelings associated with the accident itself.

The minute you start confessing to fault, your chances of any financial recovery go down. The court and insurance companies, including yours, will be only too happy to let you take blame because it makes their jobs easier. If you're claiming blame, they have less investigating to do.

Instead, repeat facts only. If you know your speed, you'll likely have to answer questions about that. But do not engage in speculation.

Contact a personal injury lawyer to handle your case. You need representation who can work within Washington law and get you the financial recovery that you actually need.


8 October 2017

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