Is Preparing For Divorce Mediation Necessary?


Divorce mediation can work if you and your spouse are both committed to making it work. Even if your divorce is amicable, you need to be prepared for the mediation sessions. If not, you could inadvertently make arrangements that are not fair to you. To help you get the fairest settlement possible, here are some ways you can prepare for mediation.

Meet with Your Attorney

One of the misconceptions about mediation is that an attorney is not necessary. However, an attorney can provide crucial advice before and after the sessions. For instance, he or she can help you determine what you want from the mediation sessions before they start. Your attorney can even help you decide in which areas you want to compromise.

Once mediation is over, the attorney can review the agreement that you and your spouse reached and help you decide if you should re-negotiate. If the negotiations fall through, the attorney can help determine your next move.

Consider Your Spouse's Needs and Wants

Chances are, you have a good idea of what your spouse wants and needs from the marital estate. Before mediation, create an inventory list of the marital assets. Once you have the list, divide it into things that you believe your spouse will compromise on and those which he or she will be reluctant to part with during negotiations.

The list can help you plan for negotiating. For instance, if you believe that your spouse will be unwilling to part with a boat, you can plan to use it for leverage to obtain a vehicle that you want.

Provide the Mediator with Documentation

Prior to the first session, the mediator might request that you and your spouse submit certain documentation to him or her. The mediator uses this information to prepare for the sessions. If you fail to turn them in, this could have a negative impact on the sessions. Therefore, you need to have them in by the requested date.

Some of the information will be easy to obtain, such as your bank statements. Other documentation might take some time to acquire, such as an appraisal on the home. To avoid a delay, start working on collecting the documents as soon as you receive the request.

If you have not scheduled a meeting with your divorce attorney, do not attend mediation until you do. By preparing for mediation with your attorney, you can avoid an unfair settlement. Contact a firm, like Nichols, Speidel, & Nichols, for more help.


9 October 2017

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