Why Your Release On Bail May Be Delayed Or Fail After Your Arrest


Paying bail allows you to be released from jail almost as soon as you are arrested so that you can fight your charges from the outside. However, you aren't guaranteed an immediate release on bail if you are arrested; in some cases, you may not even be released at all. Here are some of the cases where your release on bail may delay or you may be refused bail:

There Is a Delay in Seeing the Judge

The respective amounts of bail, for most offenses, are listed in a bail schedule. This means that you have been charged with an offense contained in the bail schedule, all you have to do to be released is to post (pay) the specified amount.

However, some offenses aren't listed in the schedule. For these offenses, you have to go before the judge so that they can set the amount of bail you should pay. This means your bail posting may delay if the judge isn't available, for example, if you are arrested on a Friday night when the judge has retired for the weekend.

You Are Considered a High Flight Risk

Most courts will also deny you bail if they think you are likely to disappear upon being released on bail. This may be the case if you have a history of jumping bail, have committed a serious crime, are wealthy and have networks that can help you disappear or are not a U.S. citizen. In those cases, the risk of you fleeing is too high for you to be released, and the government doesn't want to waste time chasing you while it could have just kept you in jail by denying you bail.

You Are a Danger to the Society

The judge is also likely to deny you bail if they are convinced that you may cause further harm if released. In this case, your right of being released on bail will be denied so that the public's right to safety is guaranteed. A good example is a criminal suspect who is facing terrorism charges; the prosecution can easily argue that the suspect may engage in further terrorist attacks or actions if released.

One of the reasons for contacting a criminal defense lawyer immediately you are arrested is because they can help you get released as soon as possible. For example, the lawyer can go before the judge and convince them that you aren't a flight risk or negotiate for a reasonable bail amount that you can afford.

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19 October 2017

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