Report An Accident That You Were Involved In And Receive Care That Will Help You Recover From Injuries


If your neighbor offered you a ride to a grocery store and was driving faster than the posted speed limit and refused to slow down or let you out of the vehicle while en route to the destination and their car hit another vehicle at a traffic light as a result of the careless driving, you may be suffering from whiplash and feel dazed and confused as a result of the traffic accident. Use the steps below to report the incident and seek medical care that is needed to recover. 

Provide Your Side Of The Story

Even if your neighbor calls the police and provides them with details associated with the incident, it is still a good idea to report your side of the story and how you perceived the events leading up to the accident. For example, if you repeatedly asked your neighbor to slow down and they brushed you off, be sure to state this information to a law official.

If you are not comfortable reporting the details in front of your neighbor, ask to speak to a law official alone. The other driver that was involved in the accident will be apprehended and asked to report their side of the story as well. All of the information will help clear your name as a guilty party and will indicate to the officer that your neighbor was to blame. 

Seek Medical Treatment And Use Various Aids To Heal

After being involved in the accident, you may initially be in shock and unsure of how injured you are. Do not take any chances by foregoing medical treatment if you do not feel as good as you normally do. Stop by a local hospital to receive an assessment from a licensed physician.

If you suffered from whiplash and feel disoriented, obtain a ride home from the hospital and avoid driving or operating heavy equipment until a doctor has given you the go ahead. Use various aids to heal including warm and cold compresses, a neck brace, and a back support garment. Contact your primary physician if your symptoms worsen and begin to affect your daily routine. 

Avoid Overdoing It And Obtain Legal Counsel 

Take it easy and do not overexert yourself while recovering. Call a law firm to speak with an auto accident attorney and explain to them what occurred. If you do not feel up to meeting the lawyer in person, request that they schedule a meeting with you at your home.

A lawyer will want to know how much money you owe for hospital bills and will need to see a copy of the police report that is associated with the traffic accident. If you decide to retain the attorney, they will work hard to obtain money from the other party's insurance company that will cover your medical expenses. 


3 November 2017

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