Fighting Your First Traffic Ticket


Traffic tickets are issued every day, but you may have been proud of never having gotten one--until one is written for you. You might be frustrated and a little angry about the situation and want to appear in court to clear your name. That might be especially so if you imagine you'll be punished with license points, high fines or worse. However, know that not everyone wins in court. Can you honestly say any of these statements are true?

1. I Was Stopped Without Reason

Some people think that they shouldn't have been detained by the police for any reason. You might not remember why you were stopped and sincerely believe that you weren't doing anything wrong. However, it doesn't follow that there wasn't a reason to stop and question you. Unless you have a witness or real evidence that the police were wrong for stopping you, you may be paying those ticket and court fees.

2. There was a Time-Sensitive, Acute Emergency

In occasions where a heart attack, asthma attack, or other acute health emergencies, the judge is likely to be inclined to dismiss some or all of your ticket charges. However, saying it isn't adequate. You must bring dated, signed materials from doctors, hospitals and others who can support your emergency claim. 

3. I Did The Best Thing at The Time

If the available choices were bad and you had to make moves to avoid injuries or further damage, that may be a valid defense. For example, if a skidding car was headed toward your car and you hit the vehicle brakes, causing someone to rear-end you, fighting that ticket may be worthwhile. A judge can be sympathetic to a situation where you did what you thought was the right move.

4. The Police are Incorrect

Disputing a police officer's account of the incident is risky, but if you have an honest case where you can show that an officer either misjudged your actions or missed something important, your ticket might disappear. For instance, if the ticket was written on a rainy night when a dog ran out in front of your vehicle, the dog may have been gone by the time the officer peered into your window. Proof may be hard to acquire, but if you can even plant a kernel of doubt with the judge, you could prevail.

If none of these scenarios quite capture what happened, get a traffic ticket defense lawyer. Their legal acumen can help a judge decide the traffic case in your favor. 


9 December 2017

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