Were You Arrested For Marijuana Paraphernalia When You Only Use A Tobacco Pipe?


While it isn't common, some people do enjoy smoking tobacco or other legal substances out of pipes that others may use for marijuana. Unfortunately, this action may cause you to get arrested even if you've never smoked pot a day in your life. It is critical to know how to defend yourself in this kind of situation.

Paraphernalia Can Be Hard To Distinguish

Drug paraphernalia laws typically dictate that a multitude of pipes fall under this heading. However, many of these pipes can be sold legally as long as they are marketed as tobacco pipes. While such headings are not fooling the police, there is a chance that you purchased one of these pipes for tobacco use simply because you enjoy using it.

That situation is so rare that most police are likely to assume that your pipe is a piece of drug paraphernalia. As a result, they might arrest you and attempt to charge you with a crime. In this situation, you need to defend yourself properly to ensure you don't get an unfair charge on your record, one that you don't deserve.

You May See Jail Time

One of the most frustrating things about this kind of case is that you might see jail time. While the maximum sentence for such a crime is usually one year in jail, that is a steep price to pay for a misunderstanding. You may also have to pay fines that you definitely don't deserve to pay. So if you have been arrested and are on trial for this kind of problem, you need to find a way to defend yourself.

Defending Against This Crime

While many prosecutors consider a paraphernalia case to be open-and-shut, that isn't always the case. After all, you still have the chance to defend yourself by proving a few points. First of all, pipes for smoking marijuana are legal to sell as tobacco or spice pipes. If you can show that you did not use the pipe in a criminal way, you can beat the charge.

First of all, you can have the court give you a drug test to show that you have never smoked marijuana. Obviously, you cannot use this defense if you have regularly smoked marijuana. However, a clean drug test can go a long way towards showing the pipe was never used for pot. You can also have the interior tested to see if it contains any trace elements.

These tests will take some time to finish but are necessary for your defense. If you need this kind of legal help after being caught with a pipe, you need to talk to an attorney offering drug offense law services right away. They can protect your rights and make sure you aren't charged unfairly.


24 July 2018

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