3 Instrumental Tips When Looking For Legal Assistance To Defend A DUI Accident


Getting pulled over for a DUI accident can be a scary scenario. Such a charge could drastically change your life, and to ensure it doesn't, you'll need help from a DUI accident lawyer. To ensure your case goes smoothly though, you'll need to hire one of these attorneys using these tips. 

Gather Personal Recommendations 

If this is your first time defending a DUI charge, you're probably not sure what attorney to hire. In this instance, you should ask around for some personal recommendations. See if any of your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors know of a good DUI accident attorney around town to work with.

Chances are, someone you know has been in this legal situation before. If they do give a recommendation, ask them about specifics. For example, ask them how professional and effective the attorney was when helping them deal with their DUI. If they say nothing but positive things, you're on the right path.

Assess Credentials and Trial History 

The level of competency drastically varies from DUI attorney to DUI attorney. That's why you need to assess the attorney's credentials and work history before agreeing to have them take over your case. In terms of credentials, you want to make sure they're fully licensed to practice law in your state. 

It's also important that they went to a reputable law school and have a lot of experience with these criminal charges. As far as work history, it's always reassuring to work with a DUI accident lawyer who's won most of their cases in court. It shows they know what they're doing and that their defense tactics are effective.

Schedule In-Person Consultations 

Once you've narrowed down your DUI accident attorney list to just a couple, go ahead and set up some in-person consultations with them. Usually, these will be completely free. They give you the chance to assess important aspects of an attorney's practice.

For example, you can learn more about their history with DUI cases and see what their rates are like. You can also take this time to see how the attorney would build up a defense for your case. If you like what you hear and they seem professional and courteous, you may have found a good match.

DUI accidents are no laughing matter, and if you're not careful, they could result in serious life-altering consequences. If you believe you're innocent and need legal representation, make sure you follow the proper protocol when selecting a DUI accident lawyer from a law firm like Maltezos Law Offices. The more time you plan out this selection, the better choice you can make. 


10 October 2018

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