Make These Requests Of The Person Who Serves Your Spouse With Divorce Papers


Serving your spouse with divorce papers is a part of the divorce process, although you'll need to have someone take care of this job for you. While your divorce attorney can assign this task to a process server, you also have the ability to choose someone you know to handle the job. It's important to make a wise choice, but it's equally important to talk to the person at length about how you want the serving process to take place. Here are some requests that you might wish to think about making.

Look For A Private Moment

In movies, the person who serves divorce papers often looks for an opportunity to embarrass the person, perhaps barging in on him or her during a presentation at work or a night out with friends. In real life, this isn't an approach that you want to take, so make sure that the person who handles this job for you understands your mindset. Request that he or she looks to approach the person in a private moment. Being served with divorce papers isn't just upsetting. It can also be embarrassing if it occurs in public. Encourage the person to wait for a moment in which your spouse is alone and then move in.

Be Respectful

It's important for the person serving your spouse with divorce papers to do so respectfully. This isn't an opportunity to theatrically wave the papers in front of your spouse, nor slam them down with a flourish on a table at which your spouse is seated. Implore the person to ask in a respectful manner. Typically, this should include quietly identifying himself or herself if necessary, confirming the identity of your spouse, and then handing over the papers with a brief explanation of what they are.

Don't Engage

Your spouse might argue with the person or express disbelief. These are standard reactions to being surprised with divorce papers, but you should encourage the person serving them not to engage. He or she doesn't have to stand with your spouse and justify the reason that you're filing for divorce; in many cases, you won't have explained this personal decision. Tell the person that the right thing to do is to walk briskly away. If your spouse follows in anger, the person should continue walking and not engage with your spouse in any way. By providing these requests, you can increase the likelihood that this difficult process goes smoothly.


11 December 2018

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