What To Look For In A Criminal Attorney


Being arrested for a criminal matter requires your utmost attention. Depending on the charges, a conviction could mean paying a huge price in terms of both money and incarceration. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney, the better. When it comes to who to hire, read the below information and learn about some important considerations.

Your Personal Rapport

This factor is difficult to explain but important. If you are unable to be comfortable with your criminal attorney, your chances of a successful outcome is reduced. You should feel that you can tell your attorney anything and not be judged on moral, religious, or ethical grounds. You don't have to be friends with your attorney, but if you must be able to work together as partners with a common goal. You should look for an attorney with the:

  • Ability to communicate well.
  • Patience to explain legal matters to you.
  • Desire to seek justice for you.
  • Honesty and integrity that engender respect in the courtroom and with a jury.

Focus on the Crime

Your next consideration should the crime you've been charged with. It goes without saying that you should use someone that practices criminal law, but there are sub-specialties within that scope. Some attorneys know their stuff when it comes to DUI defenses, assault charges, domestic violence, and so on. Don't hesitate to ask about how often the attorney practices using your particular area of criminal law. If they feel your case would be a better fit with a different attorney, they are often happy to refer you to them.

Stay Local With Your Attorney

Unless you have no choice, seek the help of an attorney that practices law in your city or at least in your county. Courtrooms, judges, and local practices are unique and vary widely from place to place. While you might think that laws are laws, that is not quite the case. Local authorities have a great deal of leeway on how to charge people, how trials are run, sentencing, and just about everything else. A local attorney knows the players, which means your chances of having a smooth and successful legal experience is enhanced. Additionally, a local lawyer can predict the future for you a lot better since they have experience with local customs. Here are just a few situations where going local with your attorney may help:

  1. How lenient a particular judge is about courtroom procedures, such as testimony and evidence.
  2. How judges commonly rule on matters that relate your case.
  3. The abilities of the district attorney to present a case against you.

Your choice in a criminal law attorney is but one of many factors leading to success. Contact a legal firm, like Dionisio law, for more information.


24 January 2019

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