4 Tips To Choosing A Reliable Divorce Lawyer


Divorce elicits unsettling feelings and all kinds of emotional pain. It will disrupt your life as it launches you into unmapped territory. It can happen due to various reasons, such as domestic violence, lack of commitment, substance abuse, and infidelity. 

More so, the entire process is lengthy and complicated. For this reason, you may need to hire a divorce lawyer. But how do you choose the right divorce attorney? Here are tips to get you started. 

1. Be Honest and Realistic 

The sole purpose of divorce is to dissolve your marriage, your assets and resolve the custody issues. The divorce attorney's task is to represent you to the best of their ability to win the case. As you may want your lawyer to listen to your frustrations, sadness, anger, and pain, that's not their job. 

Emotions don't win a case. Only facts do! Be realistic and honest about what you expect from them. Don't hold back any information that may help you in the case. 

2. Consider Experience 

Experience matters because lawyers are made, not born. An experienced divorce attorney has worked on several cases similar to yours. But as you check on experience, be sure to check the winning rate. 

If a divorce lawyer won more cases, it means you have a high chance of getting a better share from your divorce. If the lawyer is new in the divorce field, ensure they have an experienced mentor at the law firm. 

A lawyer is also a skilled negotiator. Choose someone who will make you settle for a fair deal, not encouraging you to satisfy your need for revenge. 

3. Interview and Conduct In-Depth Research 

Get to know the attorney's specialization and experience within family law. Ask about rates and the types of clients they represent. Some lawyers negotiate a fee based on the case type and anticipated settlements. 

A divorce lawyer will tell you their legal approach and advice. Find out if the attorney has access to resources relevant to your case. Look at the history of success and trial record in court. 

4. Ask the Right Questions

It's essential to ask your potential divorce lawyer some relevant questions. It's critical you take into consideration the size of the firm and their experience level. Ask about the billing rates and if they charge a retainer. 

How many divorce cases have gone to trial? Does the lawyer have experience in support, child custody, or business evaluation issues that might be a major concern for your case? A divorce attorney will get you fair results. 


11 May 2021

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