3 Situations When You Should Get A Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you made a wrong decision and you're facing charges that could have an impact on your future, consider speaking to a criminal attorney whether or not you're at fault. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, the primary role of such lawyers is to ensure that you favorably resolve your charges. Most criminal defense lawyers work with a team of investigators and researchers to help gather crucial evidence that can help you get the best outcome in a trial. 

That being the case, there are instances when the services of such legal experts are necessary. Here are a few situations to keep in mind.

1. You are facing drug trafficking or possession charges

Drug-related offenses like possessing, distributing, or cultivating illegal substances carry long jail term sentences. Therefore, if you're found in possession of unlawful drugs or wrongfully implicated in a drug-related crime, a criminal lawyer can help handle your case before being indicted. For instance, when wrongly convicted of a drug-related crime, a criminal attorney can prove that the drug seized belonged to someone else. Additionally, they can argue that the arresting police officer conducted an illegal search or that you had to carry such drugs for someone else forcefully.

2. You are considering a plea agreement

Suppose you plan to resolve your case before it goes to trial; it's advisable to seek the service of a criminal defense lawyer to help you negotiate a plea agreement. This means that you'll be pleading guilty to a lesser charge or that you are hoping to get a reduced sentence. Sometimes the prosecution may offer a plea agreement which your criminal lawyer will negotiate to get you a better deal. In cases where your attorney cannot reach a plea agreement, they will still fight your case in a trial.

3. You are facing charges relating to fraud

In law, fraud and other financial crimes are considered theft. In most cases, such crimes involve obtaining property or money from other parties in a deceitful way. A common example of such crimes includes insurance fraud and forgery. So, if you're facing charges of forgery or credit card fraud or you've been implicated in such crimes, seek the services of a criminal defense lawyer specializing in white-collar crimes. Remember to always begin by seeking such lawyers' services before accepting an interrogation with a criminal investigator. If you fail to do this, you may incriminate yourself even if you aren't at fault.

Speaking to a criminal attorney is an essential step following an arrest. These legal experts offer free consultations so that you are aware of the implications of your case before you make a decision.


7 July 2021

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