The Benefits of Retaining a Disability Attorney


Mental and physical disabilities can ruin your lifestyle and impact your income and social life. If you believe that your disabilities affect your ability to find a job or lead a normal life, you can file a disability claim. The claim helps you get social security disability benefits which supplement your income and help you maintain a high quality of life. You can get approved for disability benefits, or the court may need a second hearing. The court may also reject your claim, but you can still appeal. In such a case, you need a disability attorney to provide legal counsel that increases your chances of success. Read on to learn more. 

Assistance with the Application Process

Disability attorneys understand the process and can help you represent your case in a way that makes your disability obvious. Some applicants get their cases ruled out as conjectures due to slight mistakes and misrepresentations that you can avoid by seeking legal advice. Disability attorneys request all necessary documentation, including evidence from the doctor and hospital records. These documents reduce the risk of rejection since they prove your disability beyond a reasonable doubt. The attorney also checks with the necessary authorities and updates you on the progress of your application. 

Representation During Appeals

Sometimes, your application gets denied, and you can appeal if you still have a case. In such a case, the disability attorney examines the rulings and helps you rectify the problems in your original application. For example, the attorney gathers and submits the medical evidence that proves your health status. The attorney also prepares you for any questions from the administrative judge. If you are in dire financial need and suffering from a severe condition, the disability attorney can help speed things up during the appeal. Your attorney will guide your testimony during the hearing and ensures the judge fully grasps the impacts of your disability on your work and social life. If you cannot appear at the hearing, the disability attorney requests an on-the-record decision from the judge. This decision ensures the approval of your claim without a hearing. 

Contingency Fees

What happens when you cannot pay your disability attorney? Well, this specialty is unlike other divisions in legal practice. Disability attorneys do not need upfront or retainer payments from you. The attorney does not require you to pay them until you win the case and get approved for the disability benefits. Therefore, you can retain the attorney without worrying about the out-of-pocket and upfront payments. This type of arrangement is essential for applicants who are disabled and do not have a regular source of income. Such applicants find it challenging to raise money that can cover the basic expenses as they await the approval of their claims. Disability attorneys take your case on a contingency basis, guaranteeing legal representation regardless of your financial situation. 


Disability attorneys use their experience to determine the criteria required to prove your disability. These attorneys encounter several cases with material facts similar to yours, and they know the best ways to approach every scenario. The disability attorney will prepare your review file to ensure that it meets all the expectations of the disability claim. Disability attorneys also gather any witnesses who can testify on your behalf during the hearing. The attorney contacts the relevant authorities and ensures they have all the necessary details to evaluate your situation. Therefore, the vast experience in this practice makes disability attorneys an invaluable resource when it's time to make a disability claim. 

A disability attorney helps you with the application process, represents you during the appeals, and only charges you after receiving the disability benefits. The attorney also uses their experience to improve your chances of success during the disability claim. 


20 September 2021

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