Have An Injury Claim? 3 Truths You Need To Know When Pursuing It


As an injury victim, it's vital to pursue an injury claim, particularly if you sustained injuries. However, it can also be an arduous task for you if you won't involve a personal injury lawyer. Although another party's negligence may have led to the accident, proving it isn't always easy without a lawyer. The most unfortunate thing is that most people have various misconceptions about injury claims. If you are a victim, see the three truths you need to know about it.

The Court Isn't the Only Option

Most claims that result from personal injury accidents are usually settled in court. However, this isn't the only available option a victim has. You can handle your claim without involving a judge, so long as you work closely with an experienced lawyer. The lawyer will approach the other party, defend you, and negotiate a worthwhile settlement. Without the lawyer's input, it's hard to agree on what the claimant should get. But if the party isn't cooperative and isn't willing to compensate you, your legal representative can take a different course. In this case, they can proceed to court and argue your case out.

You Can File a Case Even Though You Are Partially at Fault

Some people believe they can only file a case and get a full settlement when the other party is one hundred percent responsible. But it's good to know you can do it even if you also contributed a bit to the problem. You just need to hire a personal injury lawyer because they use a modified negligence model to ensure the defendant fully compensates you for the damages. However, it's good to note that you may not be fully compensated; what you get depends on the extent to which the negligent party was responsible. So don't assume you aren't eligible for an injury claim simply because you also were also at fault.

You Will Probably Get More than What the Insurer Offers

Don't handle the insurer yourself after the accident because they aren't always as caring as they may seem to be. The fact that the insurer makes an offer quickly doesn't mean they have a good intention. It's good to remember that most insurers are in business, and they want to maximize their profits whenever possible. In this regard, hire a personal injury lawyer because they will help you get something higher than the insurer's offer. The lawyer also determines whether the settlement offered needs to be adjusted to ensure the financial recovery process is fair.

If you're worried about a personal injury case, discover more here and reach out to a lawyer. 


27 January 2022

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