Claim Your Workers' Compensation Benefits The Right Way


Workers' comp is offered by almost all employers in the US, and this form of insurance provides some great benefits for when a worker gets hurt. However, hurt workers need to complete the claim forms correctly, or they can find their benefits held up or even denied. Read on for some tips on submitting a complete and accurate workers' compensation accident claim form.

Benefits to Expect

While states' benefits can vary in the detail, most workers can expect to get these benefits after they file a claim and are approved:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Partial disability payments while out of work.
  • Lump sum settlements for permanent injuries or illnesses.

Timing is Everything – The sooner you report the accident to your supervisor and get the claim form submitted the better. Waiting to get medical treatment, inform your supervisor, and file the claim can make it appear that your injury is not serious enough to warrant benefits. It also makes your claim more suspicious to the workers' comp insurance carrier, makes it more difficult to prove your injury, and delays the start of your benefits which could leave you with a gap in your income.

Be Detail Oriented – Don't skimp on the details of your illness or injury and use extra pages if needed. List what happened, where it happened, who else witnessed it, the time and date it happened, and what happened next. List how you responded to the injury, where you went for treatment, and what you were told by the doctor. List how you are doing now and whether you can work or have been ordered to stay home and recuperate. As a side note, be sure you inform your doctor that the injury occurred at work.

Check for Accuracy and Consistency – A major issue with denied claims is that the injured worker provides inaccurate information that cannot be verified by the workers' comp carrier. For example, they might name the wrong witnesses to the accident or provide the wrong information about their injuries. Consistency is also very important because claimants who give different stories to others can make it appear that they are faking an injury. For example, they tell their supervisor, the doctor, and the insurer different facts about the injury. Prevent this from happening by writing down the facts of the accident and keeping your stories consistent.

Speak to Workers' Comp Attorney

Unfortunately, even hurt workers that do everything right with your claim form can end up being denied their benefits. If you need help with any aspect of your case, look to a workers' compensation service for help.


21 April 2022

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