5 Situations An Attorney Can Assist You With After A Car Accident


Being involved in a car accident can be very stressful and upsetting. While a car accident can happen in an instant, dealing with the aftermath can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on the situation. There is no need to try to sort through everything on your own after a car accident-- it is in your best interest to hire and attorney. Some situations an experienced attorney can help you with after a car wreck include:

5 February 2018

3 Things Motorcyclists Should Consider When Hiring An Attorney


Riding a motorcycle is a popular method of transportation. There are over 8 million motorcycles registered in the US alone. Some ride motorcycles as a hobby over the weekend while others rely on them as their sole means of transportation. While riding a motorcycle can be enjoyable, the main downside is that it can be more dangerous than driving a car or truck. Motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to die in a crash than those in a passenger car and 5 times more likely to be injured.

17 January 2018

3 Simple Solutions To Keep Your Divorce Civil


Divorce can be an unpleasant experience for all parties involved. From dividing assets and placing blame to fighting over custody of children and pets, it is easy to see the challenges of dissolving a marriage. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of emotional stress you and your future ex-spouse encounter during the process of finalizing a divorce. With these simple solutions, you can keep your divorce civil.

9 January 2018

Fighting Your First Traffic Ticket


Traffic tickets are issued every day, but you may have been proud of never having gotten one--until one is written for you. You might be frustrated and a little angry about the situation and want to appear in court to clear your name. That might be especially so if you imagine you'll be punished with license points, high fines or worse. However, know that not everyone wins in court. Can you honestly say any of these statements are true?

9 December 2017

Limitations Of Police Authority: What The Police Cannot Do


The police are usually thought of as all-powerful, especially when it comes to criminal issues, but this is not the case. Here are some things the police cannot do: Search for Evidence without a Warrant           The police are generally required to get a search warrant from a judge before entering your house to look for evidence. A judge will only issue a search warrant if they are convinced that there is probable cause for the search.

15 November 2017

Times That Small Business Owners May Encounter Disputes


When you're a small business owner, it's easy to tie up the bulk of your available funds in operating the business, but you should also plan to keep some funds aside to pay for legal representation in the event that you face business litigation. Although large corporations are often synonymous with legal disputes, the reality is that there are many legal issues that small business owners can also encounter. You don't want a business dispute hindering your productivity or profitability, so it's important that you hire a business attorney who can help to resolve the matter fairly and quickly for you.

8 November 2017

Report An Accident That You Were Involved In And Receive Care That Will Help You Recover From Injuries


If your neighbor offered you a ride to a grocery store and was driving faster than the posted speed limit and refused to slow down or let you out of the vehicle while en route to the destination and their car hit another vehicle at a traffic light as a result of the careless driving, you may be suffering from whiplash and feel dazed and confused as a result of the traffic accident.

3 November 2017